Upper Arm Aesthetics

Number of Sessions
Operation Time
1-2 Hours
Persistence of Results
1 day
Sensitivity Time
2 weeks
General Anesthesia
Time to Return to Work
2 weeks
Every season
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What is Upper Arm Aesthetics?

Upper arm aesthetic operations are surgical operations that provide solutions to arm sagging, stretch marks, the back of the arms being larger or more swollen than the front, and fat accumulation in the armpit.

The shape, and appearance of the arms can pose an important problem, especially in people who lose or gain a lot of weight. In addition, arm sagging can be seen in those who do not exercise a lot.

How Are Upper Arm Aesthetic Operations Performed?

Although these operations are mostly applied for cosmetic reasons, whether the person is a suitable candidate for this operation is assessed during the consultation by the plastic surgeon.

During the pre-operative consultation process, the body structure is examined by the plastic surgeon. At this point, it is very important to clearly express the complaints. During the consultation process, the images obtained using the Vectra device are modeled in 3D.

This model is important for the doctor to demonstrate the procedure. It provides the opportunity to visualize the post-operative profile or symmetry before the operation, and to analyze the problem correctly and yield the correct results.

The technique to be used during the arm lift operation is determined by assessing the rate of sagging of the skin and the thickness of the subcutaneous fat tissue.
If the individual’s skin tends to sag with excessive weight loss and weight gain, the skin may be too thick.

In such cases, liposuction can be performed prior to upper arm aesthetic procedures. After this procedure, the saggy skin is removed by surgical procedures.

In some people, the sagging of the skin is located only in the armpits; In such cases the intervention is performed through the armpit and the surgical scar remains limited to this area.

In some people, this sagging of the skin extends from the armpit to the elbow; In which case a longitudinal surgical scar remains on the inside of the arm.

What Measures Should Be Taken Prior To An Arm Lift Operation?

  • If you smoke, it should be ceased at least 1 to 2 weeks prior to the operation and you should not smoke until at least two weeks after the operation.
  • You should avoid strict diet programs as they can negatively affect the healing process.
  • You should not expose the operation site to excessive sunlight.
  • Your doctor will advise you on how to prepare for the operation, including your diet, drinking, taking or avoiding certain vitamins and medications.

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