Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

  • To provide comfortable and effective health services by using the latest technology within the framework of ethical values in the light of national and international health standards in our practices.
  • Aiming to maintain its fast and strong structure with the innovations and innovations in the sector and to be one of the leading health institutions in the world and referenced in the world.
  • To provide health services integrated with the expectations of our patients by emphasizing the aesthetic understanding and perception of beauty at every point of the clinic.
  • To protect the safety and health of patients, relatives and employees, to offer endless comfort and a safe, clear and understandable process.
  • To reach a known and effective structure by fulfilling the requirements of its social responsibilities together with all its stakeholders.
  • To provide quality service by supporting sustainable effective resource use and continuously increasing efficiency with necessary investments.
  • To create a corporate culture that develops its employees with a people-oriented approach and considers quality awareness and questioning perspective in every activity.
  • To create a team spirit in mutual respect, understanding, trust and communication, to increase employee motivation and satisfaction, and to provide health services with its experienced and expert staff.
  • Fulfilling applicable requirements.
  • To contribute to the country’s economy by continuously improving the volume and quality of overseas operations.