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Doku Medical entwines art and beauty in Istanbul! It offers all you need with safe, sterilised and life-changing operations.

A Beautiful Touch to the World: Doku Medical

Doku Medical offers A+ services in medical aesthetics and plastic surgery with its 5,000 m2 clinic in Şişli, the centre of Istanbul. Going beyond stereotypes with 400 healthcare professionals and nearly 20 specialist doctors, the clinic brings different solution proposals to patients worldwide.

Doku Medical uses the latest technology within the framework of ethical values, in the light of national and international health standards, and aims to add value to patients' future. While making a name for the clinic with its successful work in hair transplantation, skin rejuvenation, regional thinning, laser treatments, filling applications and plastic surgery, it also has been offering the most accurate and natural solutions to the patients for many years.

Aiming to change the ordinary clinical perception with hundreds of works of art and aesthetic architectural understanding in the Clinic, Doku Medical plans the patients' experiences without separating them as pre-procedure and post-procedure. And at this point, while aiming to provide the highest quality service, it also continues to progress rapidly and strongly with the innovations it has made.

Doku Medikal opens the door to a new, beautiful and valuable world for its patients, and very glad to touch their lives.
Doku Medical

Founding Story

Doku Medical was founded by Specialist Dermatologists Dr Serkan & Melda Aygın in 2017, with the founding philosophy of providing the world-class experience and knowledge of Turkey in the field of healthcare to the patients. Successful Doctor Serkan Aygın, who has been in the health sector professionally since 1996 and made a name for himself in hair transplantation with Doctor Serkan Aygın Clinic, makes a difference in this field with his experience of more than 25 years.
Its mission is to serve as a healthcare institution that complies with national and international standards, has ethical values, follows contemporary innovations, is a pioneer with its services, and is taken as an example by other healthcare institutions that Doku Medical aims to provide accurate, reliable and solution-oriented services.
Aiming to ensure patient satisfaction, to set a model for Turkey with its team and infrastructure, and to be one of the health institutions that are referenced in the world, the clinic adopts the vision of making its success permanent as a pioneer in the sector, exemplary in its services and the first choice of the patient.
More than 100 works of artwork are located in the clinic, with the touch of the Aygin couple, who is also an art collector, aiming to reflect the aesthetic understanding and perception of beauty in every point of the clinic. The clinic, which houses the works of valuable artists such as Ahmet Güneştekin, Burhan Doğançay, Carole Feuerman, Daniele Sigalot, Emre Namyeter and Seçkin Pirim, offers the opportunity to take a closer look at the relationship between beauty and art.

Doku Medical

It perceives all kinds of waste disposal as a loss of natural resources and develops methods to prevent pollution at its source, develops innovative solutions in its products and processes to combat climate change, educates its employees and uses continuous improvement tools to increase energy and water consumption, waste generation, water and air emissions, the company aims to minimize all risks and protect all human resources within the boundaries of the enterprise by creating a safe workplace and safety culture by using a proactive and simple occupational safety approach. Also aims to bring work related accidents and occupational illnesses to a zero by using the occupational health and safety management system. This enables the periodic review of aims and goals and the obtaining of information, specialists and economic resources necessary to reach them. It accepts compliance with ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2018 and ISO 10002: 2018 as the basic requirement in all of its legal and other requirements.
It develops its employees with a human-oriented approach and adopts the company culture that considers quality awareness and questioning perspective in every activity. It ensures continuous development with the goal of competitiveness to ensure that the standards in the entire value chain are world-class. Together with all its partners, it fulfills the requirements of its social responsibilities and provides services in a way to support sustainable natural resource use.

Doku Medical

Our Services

The recognition of Turkey as the 'medical tourism capital' worldwide also contributes positively to Doku Medical's service at international standards. It offers a comprehensive service to people who will come to the clinic from abroad. The service packages include airport transfer, accommodation in four-star hotels and transportation to and from the clinic. At the same time, starting from the online meeting at the very beginning of the process, all citizens of the world will be in contact with translators with whom they can communicate in their language. Thus, people are offered endless comfort and a safe, clear and understandable process.
Doku Medical also offers lifelong customer service to its patients. Even after returning to their country, people whose current status is always checked, post-operative care representatives are responsible for the process experienced by each patient.
Under all this general framework, Doku Medical, which provides medical aesthetics and plastic surgery services, plans the process professionally from beginning to end and works to ensure that the visitors leave Istanbul happily.

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