Lymphatic Drainage Edema Treatment

Number of Sessions
Operation Time
30-45 Minutes
Persistence of Results
6-8 Months
Sensitivity Time
Time to Return to Work
Depends on person
Every season
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What Is the Lymphatic System?

Blood vessels carry our blood, and lymphatic vessels carry interstitial fluid and proteins in our bodies. Both systems act as carriers for the nutrition of our tissues. Lymphatic vessels surround our body like a net and reach everywhere blood vessels extend to. Our lymphatic system does not only carry interstitial fluid, but it also transports foreign organisms that enter our body, to specific parts of our immune system. It also plays an important role in the transportation of absorbed fat and fat-soluble vitamins in our digestive system.

The use of lymphatic drainage systems in weight loss and cellulite treatments increases the effectiveness of these treatments. In cellulite and weight problems, blood and lymph circulation slows down; edema and metabolic wastes accumulate in our body. Lymphatic Drainage Massage, which is one of the methods of Lymphatic Drainage Edema Treatment, boosts the metabolism and thus speeds up the weight loss process.

What Are the Effects of Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

  • Regulates lymphatic and blood circulation,
  • Allows nutrients to reach tissues more easily,
  • Ensures a more rapid elimination process of toxins from tissues.

It is also used for the treatment of edema that occurs after localised liposuction operations or intense exercise, and edema in the body during menopause or menstrual periods.

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