Operation Summary
Operation Time 45 Minutes
Persistence of Results Permanent
Hospitalization No
Sensitivity Time 2 Days
Anesthesia Sedation and Local Anesthesia
Time to Return to Work Immediately

What Is Bichectomy?

Bichectomy, also known as the Hollywood Cheek Surgery, is a surgical operation that removes excess fat tissue from the cheeks and provides thinner facial features and more prominent cheekbones.

With bichectomy, the cheekbones are made more prominent, and if desired, a longer facial appearance can be given to the face by combining bichectomy with the chin implant operation. Although people expect to have a brand new face after the bichectomy operation, bichectomy only entails reducing the roundness of the face.

In addition, it also has a preventive effect on the potential deformations that might occur in the aging area, as it reduces the fat mass on the cheeks.

How Is The Bichectomy Operation Carried Out?

In this operation performed under local anesthesia, an incision of approximately 1 cm is made from the inside of the mouth to the cheeks. The excess fat tissue in the cheek is then removed. When the procedure is completed, the incisions are closed with stitches that dissolve and do not need to be removed after the operation.

Generally, people who have had the operation are discharged and can return to work on the same day. In the first few days after the operation, swelling (edema) may occur on the cheeks, which will resolve in a few weeks. After an average of one week, surgical incisions heal completely and the desired appearance becomes apparent.

What Measures Should Be Taken After the Bichectomy Operation?

  • Ensuring good nutrition in the first week provides a faster and healthier recovery process;
    A liquid diet is recommended for the first 3 days,
    One can switch to soft foods between the 4th and 6th days,
    It is recommended to return to normal eating habits on the 7th day.
  • If the doctor deems it necessary after the operation, the individual may wear a bandage. In this case, it is necessary to keep the bandage on for at least 2 hours after the operation. The bandage also prevents bruising.
  • Oral hygiene routine recommended by the doctor should be applied regularly.
  • If edema occurs, applying a cold press to the cheek can reduce the swelling.
  • It may take some time for the swelling to go down and the face to settle after the operation. This varies among individuals.

    What Are the Risks and Complications of Bichectomy?

    After the operation, asymmetry, excessive collapse and numbness may be seen in the cheeks. However, these are very rare cases.

    How Long Does the Procedure Take?

    The operation takes 45 minutes and the individual is discharged on the same day.

    Does Bichectomy Affect Social Life?

    The individual resume their daily activities immediately after the operation.

    Is It A Painful Procedure?

    As the operation is performed under local anesthesia, no pain is felt during or after the operation.

    When Can Results Be Yielded?

    The results become apparent within 2 to 3 weeks after the operation.

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