Autologous Stem Cell Therapy

Number of Sessions
Operation Time
30 minutes
Persistence of Results
Depends on person
Sensitivity Time
1 day
Time to Return to Work
1 day
Anesthesia with Cream
Every season
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What is Autologous Stem Cell Therapy?

Due to the decrease in production of collagen and elastin with aging, some sagging and collapses in the skin, or signs of aging, occur. In autologous stem cell treatment (where the stem cell is taken from the patient themselves), a 3 mm biopsy sample is taken from behind the ear or from an area not exposed to sunlight.

This tissue sample is used for the production of fibroblast cells. Dermal papillary cells (fibroblasts) taken from several follicles are replicated and then administered back into the tissue to generate new cells in the skin.

Autologous fibroblasts increase the production of collagen and elastin. This application can be safely applied to both the face and the rest of the body. In particular, it aids in the repairing of areas with burns or deep scars, and tissue loss, if present.

Owing to the production of new cells, skin and hair cells are restored. In addition to its skin rejuvenation and anti-blemish activities, it also has an anti-shedding effect through aiding hair growth. With stem cell treatments, hair loss is eliminated, hair is strengthened and hair volume is increased.

What Are Fibroblasts?

Fibroblasts are cells that are abundant in the connective tissue and have many roles in the skin. These cells, which play an important role in maintaining the structure and integrity of the skin, have regenerating and rejuvenating effects on tissues.

How Is Autologous Stem Cell Therapy Carried Out?

For fibroblast reproduction, a 3 mm biopsy and blood sample is taken from behind the ear or from an area not exposed to sunlight. In accordance with international standards (cGMO conditions) and in laboratories that are approved by the Ministry of Health for cell reproduction, fibroblasts are first extracted from the biopsy sample. Afterwards, these cells are reproduced/produced in sterile conditions.

The fibroblast production process takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks. At the end of this process, an adequate number of fibroblast cells for the transplantation is reached. After the quality control and characterization stages, the final product is administered to the person.

Autologous Stem Cell application is carried out with a needle, just like mesotherapy. Local anesthetic creams can be used as there may be pain during the administration. Prepared injections are applied to the middle layer of the skin using special needle tips. Regular sessions are necessary to obtain satisfactory results from the treatment.

Which Parts Of the Body Can It Be Applied To?

  • Hairy skin,
  • Face,
  • Neck,
  • Chest.

What Are the Purposes Of the Treatment?

  • Healing persistent chronic wounds,
  • Treating pitting scars that may occur after acne or chickenpox,
  • Removing lines and wrinkles on the skin,
  • Removing discoloured patches,
  • Eliminating hair loss,
  • Thickening hair,
  • Increasing hair volume,
  • Increasing elasticity,
  • Removing the age-related dullness of the skin,
  • Lip augmentation,
  • Skin restructuring.

Who Can Get It?

There are no side effects as the person’s own cells are reproduced.

Who Can Not Get It?

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding individuals,
  • Cancer patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

After the procedure, slight redness and tiny bubbles may be seen on the skin due to micro-injection, but it will go away on its own in a short time.

The application area should not be touched and protected from the sun.

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