What is Noon Break Aesthetics?

In today's hectic environment, we have to work hard, keep up the discipline and sacrifice our social life when necessary in order to create the life we want. In all this turmoil, it may seem difficult to spare time for small aesthetic touches. But now aesthetic operations have started to adapt to this pace. It is possible to rejuvenate in a short time with comprehensive, safe, uncompromising professionalism and medical aesthetic options that can be done easily under appropriate conditions. How would you like to return from your lunch break with a bright and healthy skin instead of a a dull and skin with clogged pores?


The Plexr process, which stands out with the power of plasma energy, provides non-surgical removal of wrinkles and tightening of tissues. Plexr vaporizes the area where the procedure will be made with plasma energy, thus renewing the tissue in this area. The most important reason for the Plexr process to come forht is that it is a very fast process. Plexr can be applied for the following treatment processes;

  • In the treatment of freckles
  • In the treatment of moles,
  • In the treatment of oil glands on the eyelid,
  • Non surgical eyelid aesthetics,
  • Elimination of lip wrinkles,
  • Elimination of cracks.

The Plexr procedure can be applied to anyone except pregnant women and people with wound infections. No pain is felt during the application and the application takes approximately 45 minutes.


    Do you want your face to always stay young? Ultherapy, which is one of the very easy aesthetic procedures, is an alternative to the surgical face lift. With Ultherapy, new collagen production is triggered. During the procedure, the skin surface is not damaged in any way. The process is done with point shots. Before the procedure, gel is applied to the application area. Ultherapy is preferred for the following purposes;

    • Healing the distorted lines of the face,
    • Reducing facial volume,
    • Recovery of facial sagging,
    • Healinging dark under eye circles,
    • Eye contour tightening,
    • On reducing the appearance of wrinkles in the décolleté area.

    A single session is usually sufficient for Ultherapy, and after 6 months, another session can be performed under the doctor's decision.


      Endolift procedure; It renews the skin, which changes depending on the lifestyle and aging. This process is FDA approved and offers a combination of skin rejuvenation and face shaping. During the procedure, subcutaneous contact is made with a microfiber tip. After the procedure, the fatty tissues that cause sagging on the skin are removed. With Endolift, the skin is tightened and the jaw line is defined. Endolift; It can be preferred for problems such as droopy upper eyelid, cellulite treatment, face lift, jowl fusion, treatment of lower eyelid bags. One session is sufficient for the procedure and it shows its effect for a long time.

      BBL Hero Full Body

      BBL Hero Full Body, which is one of the most preferred procedure when it comes to "revolution in skin renewal", is very effective in the treatment of spots such as acne and freckles. When you choose this treatment, anesthesia is not needed. The most suitable treatment program for different skin problems can be determined with BBL Hero Full Body. An appropriate mapping is made between the patient and the device. BBL Hero Full Body procedure can be preferred for purposes such as removing fine wrinkles, rejuvenating the skin, removing acne scars, cracks and tightening the pores.

      It is not recommended to do this procedure in summer. The procedure lasts between 2 and 6 sessions on average, the patient can easily continue his daily life after the treatment.

      Baby Face Ultra

      Baby Face Ultra, also called spot laser, produces the most suitable solutions for problems such as blemishes. Thanks to the procedure, collagen and elastin fibers are strengthened and the skin begins to renew itself. Baby Face Ultra treatment; improves skin quality, equalizes skin tone differences, tightens pores and removes fine wrinkles. It can be applied safely and easily to people of all ages. The process takes an average of 4 sessions and is repeated if needed.

      Swiss Face

      The process of injecting the stem cells obtained from the newborn foreskin to the areas needed by the person is called Swiss Face. Problems such as sagging and wrinkling that occur in the skin over time are easily eliminated by this procedure. Swiss Face can be easily applied to the body as well as the face. With Swiss Face, also known as Alloblast; It is aimed to tighten the skin, remove blemishes, eliminate wrinkles on the skin and increase collagen production. The process is applied in one session and ends in 30 minutes. The results last for 4 - 5 years on average. You do not need to be hospitalized after the Swiss Face procedure. The procedure, which is applied with cream and anesthesia, can be done safely in all seasons.

      With Doku Medical's expert dermatologist staff, you can get professional support from experts and plan the whole process without any problems. With the procedure you prefer, you can save time and easily solve your skin problems in 1 - 3 sessions.

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