What are Under-Eye Circles?

What are Under-Eye Circles? What are the Causes of Under Eye Bruises and Circles?

Under-eye bruises or, in other words, dark circles under the eyes, a problem experienced under and around the lower eyelid, are more common in women than in men. The problem, which may become apparent due to genetic or environmental reasons, can also occur for different reasons. The dark circles that appear around the eyes and under the eyelids can also become apparent according to the skin structure and skin tone of the individuals.

Dark circles under the eyes, which are a common problem in women, are one of the most common symptoms that occur during the aging process. There are many different factors that play a role in the appearance of the dark circles, which can also develop depending on the lifestyle of individuals. The causes of under eye bruises, other than aging, are listed as follows:

  • Stress,
  • The Sun,
  • Hematoma,
  • Medicines,
  • Hormones,
  • Tiredness,
  • Insomnia,
  • Anemia,
  • Excessive salt consumption,
  • Irregular lifestyle,
  • Using alcohol,
  • Smoking.

Stress is at the root of many problems. And being under stress also plays a role in the appearance of dark circles under and around the eyes. Exposure to too much sunlight causes dark circles under the eyes. Because too much sunlight causes excess melanin secretion in individuals. Another cause of dark circles under the eyes is hematoma, in other words, it is known as the accumulation of blood around the eyes. A blow to the areas close to the eyes of the individual causes blood accumulation . Another factor that causes dark circles under the eyes is drugs.

Various drugs that thin the blood or expand the blood vessels cause bruises under the eyes. Due to hormonal conditions, people may face bruises under their eyes. Dark circles under the eyes, which are a common problem in women, are observed especially during menstruation and pregnancy. Because the hormonal irregularities caused by the relevant periods make the skin look paler than it is, the veins become clear.

The fact that individuals are tired and sleepless also causes dark circles to become evident at the end of the day. It is known that bruises under the eyes occur in individuals who experience anemia. Did you know that your eating habits can cause dark circles under the eyes? Yes, you heard it right, individuals who consume excessive salt in terms of under eye bruises are considered disadvantaged compared to individuals who consume less salt.

In addition, people who eat irregularly or have a sleep disorder may also have a dark circle appearance around the eyes and under the eyes. Just like stress, smoking and alcohol consumption can cause different problems in people’s bodies. Individuals who use cigarettes and alcohol are more likely to experience bruises under the eyes, in other words, dark circles. Do you have bruises under your eyes although you do not have the reasons listed above? If you are experiencing such situation, then we would like to point out that the problem may be genetic.

Under eye dark circles, which stand out as a fixable problem can also become apparent due to genetic reasons. The genetic causes that can cause bruises under your eyes are as follows:

  • Having a light skin color: The appearance of spots and dark circles is more pronounced in individuals with light skin color compared to individuals with dark skin. The dark circles problem, which becomes evident due to the skin type can be resolved with many different treatment methods.
  • Having protruding bone structure: The fact that the bones that allow the facial features of individuals to become more protruding than they should be, causes the appearance of the dark circles and bruises become more pronounced. Under eye bruises caused by the bone structure can also be treated.
  • Accumulation of melanin pigment: Problems may occur in the structure of the pigment that provides the skin color in people.. When the body produces too much or too little melanin, it causes the skin to be dark or light. If the melanin appears more than it should be under the eyes, dark circles can appear. In case of low production of melanin, which indicates the disorder of the pigments that make the skin gain color, it gives the skin a light appearance. The related problem is also called excessive pigment production in the color cells.

How to Treat Under Eye Bruises? What are the Treatment Methods?

The first method that can be applied when experiencing dark circles under the eyes due to various reasons is known as cold compress. Thanks to the cold procedure on the dark circles, swelling and vascular enlargement problems are prevented. Placing a few cubes of ice in a clean towel or moistening a cloth and applying it to the relevant area for 20 minutes at regular intervals reduces the appearance of the dark circles.

Sleeping More

Against insomnia, which is one of the causes of dark circles under the eyes, prolonging the sleep time of individuals also helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles. The paleness of the skin that comes with insomnia can make the dark circles under the eyes more pronounced. Therefore, people need to get an average of 7 to 8 hours of sleep a day.

Another method that people with dark circles should know is to positioning the head higher than it is during sleep. To put it more clearly, while it is known that the way individuals sleep can cause dark circles under the eyes, choosing a higher pillow or a few pillows reduces the dark circles under the eyes of individuals.

Medical Aesthetic Procedures

Apart from the above mentioned methods, there are also treatment methods that will allow you to completely get rid of the dark circles appearance. Depending on your skin structure and the degree of bruising, the most appropriate treatment is determined by dermatologists. Treatment methods used in the treatment of under eye bruises are listed as follows:

  • Chemical peeling application: The chemical peeling procedure, which is widely used in the treatment of under eye bruises, reduces the pigment problem that may occur in individuals.
  • Laser therapy: Individuals prefer laser therapy for skin regeneration or skin tightening. The appearance of dark circles on a new and tight skin also decreases. Skin tone disorder caused by excess melanin can also be treated with tissue filling.
  • Tissue filling: In the case of under eye bruises that develop due to genetic or other factors, illuminating under eye filling not only renews the tissue in the procedure area, but also moisturizes it and provides a more lively appearance. It also removes the sunk appearance caused by the bones.
  • Mesotherapy: Various vitamins and minerals are injected under the skin of individuals through small needles. As the skin, stimulated by vitamins and minerals, renews itself, dark circles under the eyes also decrease.
  • Aesthetics: Aesthetic procedure that interfere with eye bags also help reduce the appearance of dark circles.
  • Eyelit: One of the most preferred procedures in the treatment of under eye bruises is Eyelit. Eyelit, which is also very effective in the treatment of genetic dark circles, gives results between 4 and 7 sessions. The operation can be performed in as little as 30 minutes. Eyelid treatment is done by giving medical carbon dioxide around the eyes. The procedure; It also has many advantages such as increasing skin elasticity, accelerating blood circulation and triggering collagen production. Just click here for the answers to all your questions about Eyelit!