Treatment Summary
Number of Sessions 1
Operation Time 1 Hour
Persistence of Results 2-5 Years
Hospitalization No
Sensitivity Time 1 Week
Time to Return to Work Immediately
Anesthesia Anesthesia with Cream
Season Every Season

In the recent times raised brows and a slanted eye shape have been largely considered to make the face appear more vibrant and attractive. Going under the knife is no longer necessary to have this almond shaped eyes look achieved by lifting the eyebrows. The thread eyebrow lift procedure offers a painless non-surgical alternative to the cosmetic surgeries known as Cat Eyes or Bella Eyes procedures.

What is Thread Eyebrow Lifting?

Eyebrow Thread Lifting is a type of procedure in which natural threads are used to create a sue but visible lifting effect on the eyebrows. It is an innovative eyebrow lifting method that gives the eyes a more slanted appearance. Other procedures achieve a slanted eye look through surgical operations performed under local anesthesia. Thread Eyebrow Lift provides a painless alternative for patients who do not wish to have surgery.

It is also an eyebrow drooping treatment used to remove wrinkles and eyebrow lines, correct drooping eyebrows, and lift and tighten the region above the eyes.

How Is Thread Eyebrow Lifting Performed?

The eyebrow can be suspended in the preferred position by passing natural threads through a small incision above the eyebrow. This, in turn, slightly pulls back the skin and lifts and tightens the face. Thread eyebrow lift is a leading option among Slanted Eye cosmetiic procedures. It is ideal for people with low eyebrows and provides long-term effects without the need for deep incisions.

The Triggering Effect of Thread Eyebrow Lifts on Collagen Production

Thread eyebrow lifts eliminate signs of aging. With aging, the body produces less collagen, leading to an 80% reduction in skin thickness by age 70. The loss of volume and strength is a major factor in wrinkle formation. As the skin weakens, it can no longer adequately support the underlying tissues, and it is pulled down by gravity. Supporting collagen synthesis in the skin while the signs of skin laxity are still mild, both reduces laxity and prevents skin from sagging by strengthening it.

What Is the Difference Between Thread Eyebrow Lifts and Endoscopic Eyebrow Lifts?

The shorter recovery period is the main reason thread eyebrow lifts are preferred to endoscopic brow lifts. It is also painless and easier to perform. There is virtually no risk of scarring, serious bruising, bleeding, or other complications after the procedure.

How Long Do the Effects of Thread Eyebrow Lifts Last?

These threads that raise the skin of the eyebrows can be dissolved over time. However, even when these threads are dissolved, they can still have a lifting and regenerating effect on the skin. The results of the procedure can last between 2 to 5 years, depending on the skin laxity and the dermatologist's expertise.

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