Treatment Summary
Number of Sessions 1
Operation Time 6-7 Hours
Persistence of Results Permanent
Hospitalization No
Sensitivity Time 3-15 Days
Time to Return to Work 3 Days
Anesthesia Sedation and Local Anesthesia
Season Every Season

Erdem Çetin's Hair Transplant Journey
Erdem Çetin's Hair Transplant Journey

What is DHI Hair Transplantation?

DHI, or Direct Hair Implantation, as a term, means directly transplanting the hair follicles. In this method, unlike the conventional FUE, grooving is not carried out before the hair transplantation; the hair is transplanted directly using special needles called implanters. As this transplantation method does not require grooving, it also allows for transplantation between the hairs. Thus, hair transplantation can be carried out without the need to cut the hair.

This method can also be referred to as hair transplantation for women, as hair can be planted in between the hair strands without the need for cutting the hair constitutes the most important reason women opt to have this procedure. However, men also can also benefit from this hair transplant technique under similar situations.

DHi metodunun uygulanışı

Stages of DHI Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation with the DHI method consists of 3 stages;

1. Preparing for Hair Transplantation

2. Harvesting Hair Follicles

3. Grooving and Transplantation of Hair Follicles

Unlike other methods, in DHI technique, micro hair channels are opened and grafts are transplanted simultaneously with a special tool called Choi Implanter. In a hair transplant procedure performed with the Choi Implanter pen, the hair follicles are collected and separated from their surrounding tissue, they are then placed into the implanter pen one by one. They are placed into the implanter very carefully and meticulously. In this way, natural-looking results are obtained from the hair transplantation procedure.

Hair follicles are planted at 40-45 degree angles, which are the optimal angles for hair transplantation, and in the natural (combing) direction of the hair. Transplantation is performed by pushing the hair follicles placed in the Choi tool at the right angle and direction.Tthe existing hair is preserved during this procedure. In the operation, between 2 and 6 Choi pens and an average of 15-16 sharp Choi tips are used. The tips of these pens can be of different sizes. The individual's hair root and thickness are the determinants of the sizes of these tips.

DHi metodunun uygulanışı

Advantages and Disadvantages of the DHI Method

The DHI hair transplant method naturally has several advantages and disadvantages over the FUE method.


  • It minimizes the time hair follicles remain outside of the tissue and ensures healthier hair planting.
  • The survival rate of hair follicles is higher.
  • As the incision area is smaller, it minimizes the risk of bleeding as much as possible.
  • Having hair in the transplantation area comprises a more minor problem in the DHI technique. Therefore, in areas without complete hair loss, it is possible to transplant more easily between the strands of hair.
  • Faster recovery can be observed after the operation, so the patient can easily return to their daily routine in a short time.
  • The DHI method makes it possible to transplant hair without the need for shaving, and to transplant hair more densely in narrower areas.


    • In order to use this technique well and specialize in it, both the doctor and the hair transplant team must go through a very long training process.
    • It can generally be considered as a more expensive method when compared to other hair transplantation methods.
    • As it is a very sensitive procedure, the doctor performing the transplant should be skillful and diligent.
    • Transplantation in a hairy area requires expertise as the transplantation area is very narrow and without sufficient experience, the professional may damage other hair follicles with the Choi pens while working in this narrow area.

      Can Everyone Get DHI Hair Transplantation?

      With today's technology, in the light of scientific and technological advancements, hair transplantation can now be carried out much more safely with Choi tips. Effective, predictable and most importantly natural-looking results can be obtained in hair transplantation with these tips in specialized clinics.

      When the Choi pen was first developed, this method could only be applied to people with straight and thick hair, but with the improvements made over time, its application area has expanded. The sizes of Choi pens currently used can vary between 0.64 mm and 1.0 mm, which allows the DHI method to be used with different hair types.

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